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Every time we spend money to buy meat, dairy and eggs, we vote. We vote for family farming, or let factories to take over meat production in our country. We vote for compassionate husbandry, or let cruelty persist. Part of the problem is that restaurants and retailers don't think consumers care about sustainable agriculture and family farming. They believe that a lower price tag is all we care about, not the real costs. To add to the confusion, more and more companies are offering "natural" meats. Unfortunately, USDA defines "natural" as "unprocessed," and so literally all meat that is unprocessed is therefore "natural," providing us with little guidance for many meat options.

The mission of AFC! is to help consumers make informed and conscious choices about the animal products we eat. This means letting people know that choices in meat can be a force of change or a vote for the status quo. And it also means letting people know specifically what words to use and claims to navigate when seeking meat that they can feel good about.

Ask for Change! consists of a wallet-sized card, one side with three simple questions to ask your restaurant or butcher, and the other with a straightforward meat label guide for grocery shopping.

Thanks to our partner organizations, AFC! is promoted across the country and we are reaching out to diverse groups of consumers with many interests and concerns!

It is vital that consumers better understand the issues involved in choosing meat, dairy and eggs, and it is just as important that restaurants and retailers hear regularly that their customers are concerned about these issues. When restaurants and grocery stores hear this message, then their buying behavior will certainly change, and new markets will open up for those who are raising their animals conscientiously and responsibly. So get the card.

Put it in your wallet. Ask for Change!

Ask For Change is a project of the Husbandry Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and improving access to sustainable and healthy meat choices. Visit www.husbandryinstitute.org for more information.

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