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How to use Ask For Change!

Download or order the AFC! wallet-card and fact sheet.

Cut out the wallet-card and carry it with you in your purse or wallet

Review the fact sheet to learn why each question is important, and begin to develop your own questions. The goal is to find out enough to make a contentious choice. At restaurants, grocery stores, and butcher shops, review the questions on the AFC! card and choose which side of the card to ask questions from.

• Start with a general question. Restaurants and retailers that put a lot of care into selecting their meats are proud to tell you all about their choices!

• The absence of information is often more important than what the tell you. Listen carefully, if they don’t know, another selection may be best. Answers like “it was all raised naturally”, or “it was all raised on a farm,” do not provide the information you are looking for.

Ask your server or butcher questions. Keep in mind that a surprisingly wide variety of restaurants offer sustainably raised meats. Your server or butcher may not know and have to ask someone else. You can refer to the AFC! wallet-card while dining, at grocery stores and butcher shops. And don't forget special occasions and catered events, make sure to let your event planner know you want sustainable, healthy meat served at your event!

The AFC! questions are an important way to get chefs and grocers thinking about the health and environmental benefits and consequences of the meats the provide. If there are no satisfying meat options offered, this is a perfect opportunity to start this dialogue and let them know why sustainable meat options are important to you. When providers see that pasture-raised, antibiotic free meat choices are in demand, more choices will become available.

Have comments or questions? How about an experience you had using AFC! We want to hear from you!